Claire Smith heter en duktig skribent som bidragit till flera värdefulla texter för Engelska  HMSA  d v s  supportföreningen med dr Alan Hakim som medicinsk ansvarig. Hon har själv EDS diagnos.

I somras utgav hon en diger spiral-inbunden bok över 180 sidor, massor av referenser och andra hänvisningar. Mycket grafik och attraktiv layout.

Men framför allt täcker den in allt av vad vi vet eller tror oss veta idag om hEDS och HSD. Dessa nya begrepp blir väl förklarade i boken.

Understanding Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder


Går att beställa genom ovanstående länk. Kostar omkr 300:- inkl frakt. Vänder sig främst lekmän som vill veta mer om EDS, men med tanke på det omfattande innehållet med referenser så betraktar jag den som en mycket bra introduktion i hEDS / HSD ”världen”.

Medicinska fackuttryck brukar förklaras på ”plain English”.  Helt suverän !

Lär dock aldrig bli översatt till svenska.


Hypermobility Syndrome- Recognition and Management for Physiotherapists



Författare:  п»ї100mg neurontin Rosemary Keer och Rodney Grahame


Språk: http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/spring-leaf/spring-leaf.jpg Engelska


Utgiven: can i buy prednisone at walmart 2003 

Hypermobility syndrome (HMS) is an inherited connective tissue disorder affecting collagen that is characterized by a collection of features and symptoms. HMS is often encountered in patients, but it is easily overlooked. This practical resource educates readers to its presentation, what to look for, and how best to treat it. Following a brief description of the historical and genetic background of the condition, HMS is described in relation to other connective tissue disorders, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and the Marfan syndrome. Since HMS may occur in childhood, adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy, or old age, each of these stages is covered in the book, with detailed information on the presentation of the condition and its management.


    • Demonstrates how to identify the condition in the clinic.


    • Discusses treatment and management strategies.


    • Provides examples in the form of case studies.


    • Includes details of a comprehensive assessment procedure, which differs depending on the stage of the disorder and the age of the patient.


    • Features contributions by experts in a range of medical fields.



A Guide to Living with Hypermobility Syndrome

Författare: Isobel Knight
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2011
People with Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS), including Ehlers-Danlos type Hypermobility Syndrome, have a larger range of joint movement than is typical, which can cause pain and fatigue despite an outward appearance of good health. This book is the complete guide to living with and managing HMS, and is packed with ideas that can help to alleviate suffering and facilitate a happy and healthy everyday life. This book covers everything from recognising symptoms and obtaining initial diagnosis to living with the condition on a daily basis and managing its negative effects. The author, who has HMS herself, looks at how the condition affects children and adolescents, before moving on to explore pain management (including the use of physiotherapy, pilates and a selected range of complementary health therapies), pregnancy, physical and psychological aspects of the condition, and how it widely affects dancers and other performance artists. Wider conditions that encompass Hypermobility Syndrome are also touched upon, including Fibromyalgia and IBS. This book will be a must for anybody who suffers, or suspects they might be suffering from, Hypermobility Syndrome.It will also be of interest to their families and friends, and professionals working with the condition.

 Joint Hypermobility Handbook

bok omslag
Författare: Brad T. Tinkle
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2010
As a followup to his previous best-selling book, “Issues and Management of Joint Hypermobility: A Guide for the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type and the Hypermobility Syndrome,” Dr. Tinkle has created this handbook with several contributors to expand insights into the understanding and management of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type and the Hypermobility Syndrome. Dr. Tinkle has received many accolades for his ability to take a complex condition and make it understandable in everyday language:
“…provides a wealth of information about the natural history, and physical and medical management… It should be of great value to patients.” — The American Journal of Medical Genetics

Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Författare: Alan J. Hakim, Rosemary J. Keer, Rodney Grahame
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2010
This groundbreaking new text explains and documents the scientific basis of chronic pain in Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) and other heritable disorders of connective tissue from the physiological, epidemiological, genetic and clinical viewpoints. It asks the reader to consider the possibility of JHS, identify it clinically, understand its co-morbidities, including interdependencies with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, while managing the condition appropriately. ”Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain” takes a multi-specialty and multidisciplinary approach to understanding JHS and its management, drawing together expertise from a broad group of internationally-recognized authors. The book is split into two sections. Section 1 deals with the clinical manifestations of JHS and Fibromyalgia, their epidemiology and pathophysiology. Section 2 covers clinical management. Here the reader will find chapters covering pharmacotherapeutics, psychotherapy and physical therapies that address the needs of patients from childhood to adulthood. It is hoped that ”Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain” will advance knowledge of therapies and provoke further research while stimulating interest and encouraging debate.

Hypermobility of Joints

Författare:  Peter H. Beighton, Rodney Grahame, Howard Bird
Förlag:      Springer London Ltd
Bandtyp: Inbunden
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 201110
Upplaga: 4
ISBN10:  1848820844
ISBN13:  9781848820845
Pris: 900:-



Hypermobility of Joints 4th Edition follows the same format as its successful predecessors. The aim of which was to provide an overview of hyperlaxity of joints and this edition follows that aim by describing the most recent research and new developments in biochemistry, as well as providing practical advice on clinical features and management. Hypermobility of Joints 4th Edition provides illustrative case histories, a review of hypermobility in the performing arts and sports and an outline of heritable hypermobility syndromes. This book is a valuable reference tool for a wide number of specialties, although it will particularly be of interest to rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons and medical geneticists.

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